Episode 76: J Mann

Torontonian by way of Barcelona, J Mann’s third release Ten Animals creates ambience and romance, contrasting themes of partnership, competition and social commentary through scenic forest folk tunes and audible season changes. It’s washy watercolour pallette is perfect for a late June afternoon. Get in the loop!

About Jesse Daly

Jesse is a music fan and sometimes musician who lives and works in Toronto. When she's not spending her days painting soundwaves or the house, she's at Yuk Yuk's downtown telling guests to have fun and not heckle. Can you believe people still heckle? Crazy huh.

One thought on “Episode 76: J Mann

  1. As in previous CDs, JMann has created on the CD, TEN ANIMALS, a unque combination of songs with interesting and appealing melodies, lyrics, themes, instrumentation, and harmonies. Check it out for an enjoyable and refreshing experience!!

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