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Episode 25: Single’s Spotlight 2

It’s time for another great sample platter of Southern Ontario’s best original artists. Jess gets deep into why cultural appropriation is a silly accusation and Dylan explains why ‘Adult Contemporary” is not a four letter word. We hear tracks from Todd Donald, Poshley Slums, Julian Troiano, Julian Taylor and Claire Coupland. If you get in no other loop this year, get in this one!!!

Episode 23: Yanis

Folk, blue-eyed soul, call it what you will. Yanis’EP Queen Kari is a distinctly emotive and personal record, full of powerful imagery and the heartaches of youth, familial dysfunction, loss, and love. Warm, wispy vocals, inventive steel guitar and highly evocative lyrics make this a new favourite for AFL. Jess asks Yanis on air to join the bill for the anniversary show, and Dylan reads an email from the man himself personally thanking him for purchasing the record. This is what it’s all about people. Get in the loop!

Episode 15: The Do Good Badlies

In this episode, we tackle The Do Good Badlies with Electric Nights. Hailing from Lindsey and drawing influences from blues and classic rock, this high-energy and soulful quintet has a varied and accessible rock record. Dylan laments the realities of censorship while Jess defends the Phil Collins comeback.

*Amendment: The Do Good Badlies are NOT playing Dec 12, Jess has a hobby of making things up. You CAN catch them Nov 4 as part of Twimfest,(Aimless & Transparent, Phill Hood! And the Exclamation, and more) and get all their tour dates at thedgb.ca!