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Episode 77: Two Hearts (Charlie McKittrick & Jamie Reaume)

We’re nearing the end of a tumultuous summer, but Jesse and Dylan are back on the board covering the dual EP release of long-time AFL favourites Charlie McKittrick and Jamie Reaume. Four tracks apiece, ranging all over the map with two distinct takes on the themes of love and loss that manage to blend remarkably into a cohesive whole. We’ve never heard anything like it and odds are neither have you. So check it out!

Episode 75: Rich Chris

Ottawa’s Rich Chris has plenty of experience in a full band sound, but on his acoustic debut Tales of Nostalgia, things get stripped down. It’s a journalistic look back at all the ways we grow and change in our 20’s, with a quick paced guitar and pop-punk vocal as your guide. Great for a cottage road trip or a night of reminiscing, this simple yet effective release is fun, loud and pleasantly surprising. Get in the loop!

Episode 74: LoFi Mind

An ecclectic collective of adult contemporary pop rock is on the docket today with Lo Fi Mind’s Vol.2. There’s a little something for everyone, from country to new soul, beach vibes and groovy rhythms, and 4 vastly different vocalists bringing the full band sound to life. 11+ members at any given time makes for an intricate, complex array of arrangements that explore life beyond youth, the bittersweetness of love and the wisdom that comes only with time. Get in the loop!

Episode 73: Bike Thiefs

On today’s episode we have Toronto rock band Bike Thiefs and their most recent five-track recording “Lean Into It.” They bill themselves as quote “grammatically inept three-piece rock band,” but that’s where the ineptitude ends; it’s loud and messy, but it’s also heartfelt and emotional. Punk-adjacent alt rock with a biting attitude and strong poetry, it’s surely not to be missed.

Episode 68: Quinnzelle

Jesse and Dylan tackle Ottawa Pop Punk band Quinnzelle and their self-titled debut EP. It’s hard, heavy, and a little raunchy; it hit all of Dylan’s Blink 182 nostalgia buttons. Jesse contemplates the nature of authenticity and appreciates the rhythm section. There’s also some talk about Star Wars, and we get news of the podcast being contacted from other worlds (well, the United States at least). Have a seat and get ready to go back to the late 90s as you enjoy Quinnzelle!