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Episode 57: The Stereo Division

On today’s episode we get into The Stereo Division and their latest release, Love is in Motion. It’s airy, watercolour, shoegaze heavy on synths and sex appeal. Check out their music video for Fire Brigade! Dylan digs into how they build a formula and find ways to play within it, and Jess reluctantly admits that a record with little focus on lyrics can wash over you in a great way (and this one did). Perfect pairing to a romantic night in, a quiet meditation or as the backdrop to summer evening by the water. Come see us July 19th at The Hideout for our AFL 2nd Anniversary Showcase and get in the loop!

Three Albums – Bonus Episode

Jesse and Dylan take on three big albums (each) from their lives. First, we talk about albums we’ve moved past. Second, we talk about albums that were formative for us. Finally, we talk about an album we find indispensible.

In order to save space, we had to take this episode down from SoundCloud, but you can download the file from our DropBox, at least until we get fully settled into our new digs. Join the conversation, let us know what you think. What are your big three?