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Showcase Spotlight: Social Potion

Carmen Toth has been a beast in the Toronto music scene, working and posting every day about her various adventures and shows. Social Potion indeed. In a sea of artists hungry for time to play music in between having to Instagram their side hobbies to show their audience how well-rounded they are, Carmen has managed an engaging social media presence that remains authentic. Luckily, the music that drives her is catchy, unique, and ever-evolving.

Her work reflects her self: candid, fearless and open-hearted. Upon our first meeting, we talked at length about everything from divorce to horoscopes and she read my palm, quite accurately in fact. Carmen’s first release was a burst of energy that drew from and celebrated my personal favourite decade for women in rock, the 90’s. Will her upcoming release echo those sentiments? Produced by Derek Downham and engineered by Tim Foy, Carmen describes it as danceable, full band versions of her often acoustic tunes. Downham assures fans that this is “not a throwback. This is now, moving forward.” Sounds like my fascination with 90’s alt rock is about to be blown wide open.

Our conversation on Social Potion’s first EP can be found here.

Check her out at our showcase November 3rd at The Cameron House. $7 at the door.

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