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Episode 41: Beach Bodies

Mother nature’s mushroom trip meets Lou Reed, Strokes- style meditative mumblecore. It’s art-rockers Beach Bodies with Onward & Downward, a beautifully bizarre journey through the forest, the sea and everything in between. Highlights include the Scooby-Do inspired tale of a water-logged ghost and a recording of two moms chatting set to an instrumental interpretation. Why are you still reading this? Get in the loop!

Episode 14: Electric Waves- The Human Condition

Just in time for Ontario’s chilly fall weather, escape to a warmer place with Sarnia indie surf dreampop Electric Wave’s The Human Condition. They may be young, but their second release has a lot going for it, especially if you’d like to hear Sugar Ray on Valium and have ever wondered what a watercolour painting would sound like. Dylan talks about the horrors of radio music cycles at his new job, and Jess discovers where shoegaze came from. PWYC at http://electricwaves.bandcamp.com/ Get in the loop!!!