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Episode 53: Don Campbell

Don Campbellā€™s Sail the Grateful Way is a beachy, sunny, Jack Johnson style pop rock record with more than a a few great guitar riffs and sweet harmonies. A staple of Toronto’s rock scene, Campbell brings a unique positive energy with this album that is refreshing for the season. Be sure to mark your calendars July 19th for AFL 2nd anniversary show and Phill Hood CD release. Raffle prizes now include a gift certificate to The Grand Trunk bar and tickets to the revolutionary VenusFest Sept 30. Get in the loop!

Episode 41: Beach Bodies

Mother nature’s mushroom trip meets Lou Reed, Strokes- style meditative mumblecore. It’s art-rockers Beach Bodies with Onward & Downward, a beautifully bizarre journey through the forest, the sea and everything in between. Highlights include the Scooby-Do inspired tale of a water-logged ghost and a recording of two moms chatting set to an instrumental interpretation. Why are you still reading this? Get in the loop!