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Episode 78: All Good Things

Jesse and Dylan wrap up the podcast! It’s a little sad, but it’s a great trip down memory lane. We talk about what we’ve done, how we’ve grown, and how things have changed since then, and thank just about everybody we can think of. As always, there’s lots of laughs and tangents, so it should fun to listen to. So for one last time: Get in the Loop!

Episode 77: Two Hearts (Charlie McKittrick & Jamie Reaume)

We’re nearing the end of a tumultuous summer, but Jesse and Dylan are back on the board covering the dual EP release of long-time AFL favourites Charlie McKittrick and Jamie Reaume. Four tracks apiece, ranging all over the map with two distinct takes on the themes of love and loss that manage to blend remarkably into a cohesive whole. We’ve never heard anything like it and odds are neither have you. So check it out!

Episode 68: Quinnzelle

Jesse and Dylan tackle Ottawa Pop Punk band Quinnzelle and their self-titled debut EP. It’s hard, heavy, and a little raunchy; it hit all of Dylan’s Blink 182 nostalgia buttons. Jesse contemplates the nature of authenticity and appreciates the rhythm section. There’s also some talk about Star Wars, and we get news of the podcast being contacted from other worlds (well, the United States at least). Have a seat and get ready to go back to the late 90s as you enjoy Quinnzelle!

Episode 16: Singles Showcase

In this episode of A Feedback Loop, Jesse and Dylan take a look at six tunes by six artists, just to give you a taste of what’s to come from their next, and in some cases, first, full releases.

Doo Wop Days – Joy Thompson
Adrift – West End Riot
The Real Thing – Time Giant
Momma (Told You To Roll On) – 1990Future
Fall Down – Parasona
Gotta Have You – Ol’ CD

And all of it worth listening to! Enjoy.

Bonus Episode (Re-Release): Nickelback

As the first part of our Thanksgiving weekend re-release, this is the first recording Jess and Dylan ever released. It’s a look at Nickelback’s disco.. thing.. “She Keeps Me Up.” Plenty of awesome Dylan-hating-disco to listen to here. Don’t forget about our contest #DylanHatesDisco: If you can find a disco song I like, you can win a guest spot on the show!