Episode 65: Ink Sticks & Stones

Today we tackle the delightfully difficult to categorize Ink Sticks and Stone’s release All That Gets Left Behind. It’s a storyteller’s epic that weaves in classical piano, Chinese mythology, French waltz, and folk noir to create an utterly unique sound so get in the loop!

About Jesse Daly

Jesse is a music fan and sometimes musician who lives and works in Toronto. When she's not spending her days painting soundwaves or the house, she's at Yuk Yuk's downtown telling guests to have fun and not heckle. Can you believe people still heckle? Crazy huh.

One thought on “Episode 65: Ink Sticks & Stones

  1. Enjoyed your review! This album is terrific, and very refreshing. I agree that the voice is sometimes haunting and very evocative and easy to get involved in the story. Super album, will be listening to it frequently.

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