Alt-country folk with some heavy metaphors and a particular tilt on Windsor, this third release from Allison Brown, Stitches and Incisions, will surprise and delight. With a laundry list of collaborators and tunes that explore the divide of border towns or the decrepit hospital who once stood tall, it’s a songwriting powerhouse and beautifully executed. Dylan weigh in on Windsor culture and Jess digs deep into recent hero/villain stereotypes that get taken to task in “Your Enemy.” It’s a personal and insightful episode, so get in the loop!

About Jesse Daly

Jesse is a music fan and sometimes musician who lives and works in Toronto. When she's not spending her days painting soundwaves or the house, she's at Yuk Yuk's downtown telling guests to have fun and not heckle. Can you believe people still heckle? Crazy huh.

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