Episode 14: Electric Waves- The Human Condition

Just in time for Ontario’s chilly fall weather, escape to a warmer place with Sarnia indie surf dreampop Electric Wave’s The Human Condition. They may be young, but their second release has a lot going for it, especially if you’d like to hear Sugar Ray on Valium and have ever wondered what a watercolour painting would sound like. Dylan talks about the horrors of radio music cycles at his new job, and Jess discovers where shoegaze came from. PWYC at http://electricwaves.bandcamp.com/ Get in the loop!!!

About Jesse Daly

Jesse is a music fan and sometimes musician who lives and works in Toronto. When she's not spending her days painting soundwaves or the house, she's at Yuk Yuk's downtown telling guests to have fun and not heckle. Can you believe people still heckle? Crazy huh.

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